The 35,000 square foot building, shown here, was purchased by Alan Deiler in February of 2010, to house Protect Door.
Starting a new business is no small task. Starting a manufacturing business of all Specialty Doors and Products is an even
greater challenge. Al, along with four key employees, who are still a part of this ever expanding business, began with the
manufacturing of lead lined doors. Shortly after that, the market needs for oversize doors grew. Doors up to 5’ x 12’ were
added to the product offering, to meet this demand.

As opportunities for other specialized doors and door products came about, Al added more equipment and employees.
Among the specialty products that have been added throughout the years, are Sketch Faces; Bullet Resistant Doors; Antiligature
doors; Radius Top Doors and Sound Retardant Doors, just to name a few. A listing of the most requested products
available, is shown on this website.

Protect Door uses lean manufacturing principles, along with innovative processes, during the manufacturing of specialty
doors in its facility. This allows Protect Door to keep costs low, while still maintaining the fastest lead times in the
industry on specialty doors.

Contact Protect Door for all your specialty door needs.
Phone: 715-659-4094, Fax: 715-659-4309 and sales@protectdoor.com

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